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Free Essay: Running Head: MY CULTURAL My Cultural Autobiography Nancy Domanski Sir Frances Bacon said, “If a man be gracious to.
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cultural autobiography

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Isbn by michael a spanish-language expressive culture. Individual and a report from and recycle books too shallow and cultural heritage essays,. As a child I struggled with both. I grew up in a town full of Arabs, and the only Somalians I actually interacted with were my family. When I came to America, there was a huge culture shock. For instance religiously, I grew up in countries where there was a mosque in every couple of blocks, and here the opposite were churches.

Everywhere I looked was a church. It was a complete different atmosphere. In the Muslim countries, when it was time for prayer, you would be able to hear the entire mosques at once calling everyone to pray.

Essay about Cultural Autobiography

And it was very weird not being able to hear the call for prayer time. For instance, when it was Ramadan time in Saudi Arabia, everyone used to get together to have big feasts. People would always stay up late and wait for the call of prayer, so that everyone can start fasting again. Also, shops would close early when it was time to eat. Families and friends would celebrate the whole month together, and go to the mosque together. Not only was everyone up, the whole city would be decorated and children would get gifts and monies from the elders, and it was just a beautiful time to be a kid.

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  8. When you compare the American culture and the ones I grew up in as a child, they are completely different. The way we dress here, eat, family, religion, and everything else is different. For instance, in Saudi Arabia, the culture there is for women to cover up. Women are covered from head to toe. Majority of it is because the Saudi culture is influenced by religion, whereas in America everything is by choice. Our women in America have the choice to cover or not, and in Saudi Arabia, if women are not covered, there are consequences to pay.

    As child, I was able to wear whatever I wanted, because I was not a woman yet. Men were able to do anything they wanted, whereas women mostly stayed home. Mostly, women stayed home and took care of the family members. They did all the cleaning and cooking, whereas the man went to work and did all of the outside work.

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    Not only did women stay home, they were also not allowed to drive, which was a culture shock when I saw women driving in America and Egypt. Both of my cultures are two cultures that heavily rely on religion. Although, now some think both are one in the same, but people interpret each one differently. In other words, people put religion and culture in the same category. For example, my family is very conservative. Both of my parents come from strict families who take religion very seriously. Back in the s and s, religion was starting to develop in Somalia.

    When my mother was thirteen years old, people used to wear thin materials that practically show cased their whole body. And my grandmother used to have her hair out in an afro as wells as wearing pants.

    It was not a big deal in the culture. For this project I interviewed my mother, who as I got older, helped me learn more about my culture. Whenever my mother would tell me stories of her teen years, I would always complain about why she was so judgmental of how I dressed. Similarly, the school I went to, my neighbors, and everything that surrounded me consisted of religion.

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    For instance, during the weekdays I went to school, and during the weekends I went to another school that was a religious study. Above all, when I came to America, I quickly learned to maneuver between the culture I was raised in and the culture that surrounded me. In the American culture, I learned to be independent and to voice my opinions, so that I can live the life I want. In essence, looking back in my life, I realized that the cultures I was raised in have shaped my life and made me the person I am today.

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    Each culture has its positives and negatives. Moreover, I learned that being multicultural teaches you and gives you the opportunity to look at life differently. But moving around, taught me that there are other ways to look at this world.

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    Every culture has an opinion on how this world should function, and being able to represent few cultures gives me the opportunity to voice out an opinion that has some background roots to it. I not only represent the culture I was born into, but I represent that ones I was raised into. Being raised and exploring other cultures also gave me the chance to speak more than one language. In addition, I speak three languages: Arabic, English, and Somali.

    That may seem like a downside, but I gained values and lessons that I can carry throughout my life. I gained cultural experience between the cultures, and I gained religious knowledge, and lastly I gained how to communicate with individuals outside my culture. There are people around us that are so close minded of the world, and what it offers that they continue to purse being ignorant of others around them. If we pursue our surrounding and environments, we begin to go on a road full of fulfillment that leads to discovering more about our inner selves.

    Cultural Autobiography.